What Are Some Of The Popular Roof Colors In Morristown?

Apr 5, 2022Blog, Morristown, Roofing

Your roof can have a significant impact on the visual appeal of your home. When the color of your roof is fading, peeling, or simply mismatched to the rest of your home, it can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal and eventual re-selling point.

Given all the roof color options available for homeowners today, there’s really no reason for your roof to look bland and boring.

Today, homeowners are spoiled for choice when picking out a roofing color. Roofing material manufacturers offer hundreds of colors and hues for your roofing system. You can make your roof as neutral or as vivid as possible.

Roofing brands like Owens Corning have things like Roof Shingle Colors of The Year for developers and homeowners who want to embrace a trendy, in-fashion style for their homes.

The 2022 the Roof Shingle Color of The Year is Bourbon. According to Owen’s Corning, the Bourbon shingle color consists of layered hues which embody warmth and sophistication.
Previous Roof Shingle Color of The Year include Black Sable, Pacific Wave, Sand Dune, etc.

If you’re thinking about installing new roofing materials and not sure which color to opt for, these are some of Morristown’s most popular roofing colors.

popular brown asphalt roofing in Morristown

Beige Blends

Minimalist homes are all the rage these days, so why not install a rooftop that blends nicely with your minimalist home. Thanks to their muted tones and insulation benefits, beige-colored rooftops are the perfect match for minimalist homes. Because beige rooftops don’t absorb as much heat, it helps to regulate your home’s interior environment.


Brown-colored rooftops are one of the most common roofing colors found in Morristown. Brown, earthy tones create a warm and natural aesthetic for your home. The color blends well with more neutral home tones and fits well with any surrounding nature.


Grey is a highly popular roofing color in Morristown, thanks to its neutral, inconspicuous appearance. A grey rooftop matches just about any architectural aesthetic, and roofing materials like metal, slate, and concrete have natural grey hues.


Blue-colored rooftops add a cool and soothing aesthetic to homes. They fit well with most architectural styles and are commonly found on homes near the seaside. People often associate blue rooftops with the famed domed rooftops of the Greek islands, and that’s probably part of the reason why they love them so much.

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