What Is The Expected Lifespan Of Your Morristown Roof?

Mar 25, 2022Blog, Morristown, Roofing

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We understand that installing a new roof can bite a large chunk out of your savings, and it is a significant investment, but it is also something that you wouldn’t want to do too often. The average roof lifespan is approximately 30-40 years, sometimes even longer when properly cared for and maintained.

The average roof lifespan is also dependent on things such as environmental conditions, exposure to the elements, and the quality of your roof’s installation. Living in Morristown means that your roof is regularly exposed to a lot of things such as heavy snowfall, severe wind speeds, tropical storms, and more. These environmental conditions can significantly impact the lifespan of your rooftop and lead to its accelerated degradation.

Let’s check out how long your roof type typically lasts in Morristown:

asphalt shingle roofing services Morristown

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most common roofing materials in the Morristown area. It is a popular roofing option as it is easy to install and highly affordable. Several asphalt shingle manufacturers in the US create shingle roofing materials capable of surviving moderate storm conditions. These highly durable shingles have a lifespan of around 30 years. Your asphalt rooftop will only survive these expected 30 years if you regularly maintain your roofing system. However severe weather conditions, for example, may leave your asphalt rooftop needing urgent repairs or even a replacement.

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